Megatec – Royal – Boiler Suit – Orange Hi Vis Tape

Megatec – Treated Fire Retardant Fabric
Metal Zip Front w/ Small Press Studs x3
2 x Chest Pockets w/ Metal Zip
Small Press Studs on Sleaves
2 x Swing Pockets w/ Internal Access
Elasticated Hips
Action Back
Knee Pad Pockets
1 x Ruler Pocket on RHS
1 x Pen Pocket on Left Arm
FR Orange Hi Vis Tape – Nordic Design

Special Attributes
Heat Protection
Chemical Protection
Mechanical Protection
Anti Static
Multi-functional & Flame Resistant
Lightweight & Breathable

Fabric Certificate Compliance
NFPA 2112
ISO 15025 A & B
EN 13034 – Clothing offering protection against liquid chemicals, exposure to light spraying, vapour or low pressure, low quantity spraying. Type PB [6] only covers and protects certain parts of the body.
IEC EN 61482-2 – Electric Arc protection
EN ISO 11611: 2007 – welding and applied processes protection
EN ISO 11612: 2008 – protection against heat and flame spread
EN 1149-5 – Electrostatic protection
EN 340 : 2004
IEC 61482-1-1

NOTE: Garment certification available upon client request subject to terms and conditions