Fire Retardant – Spruce – Boiler Suit – Vel/Zip Front – 2xInternal Chest Pkt – Single Hi Vis Tape – Hooded

100% Cotton Drill Treated Fire Retardant
Metal Zip + Velcro Front w/ Large Flap
2 x Internal Chest Pockets w/ Internal Flap
Cuffed Sleaves + Ankles w/Black
2 x Cargo Leg Pockets w/Flap
Elasticated Hips
1 x Right Arm Pen Pocket
Action Back
Hood w/Velcro Front Fasten and Cords
FR Silver Hi Vis Tape – Single to Arms, Legs, Waist and Shoulers

Special Attributes
Protection against heat and flame spread
Welding and allied processes protection
Low visibility protection

Fabric Compliance
EN ISO 11611: 2007 – welding and applied processes protection
EN ISO 11612: 2008 – protection against heat and flame spread

NOTE: No garment certification